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PAT Associates is the premier sales organization for manufacturers of test equipment and sensors in New England and the Southeastern United States.  

New England Test and Measurement

Ascott Analytical

Corrosion Test Chambers

Custom Systems Integration (CSI)

Engineering services, manufacturing services and complete test system design & development.


Laboratory, handheld and portable fiber optic test instruments including tunable filters, optical component analyzers, multifunction optical test systems, optical power meters, optical amplifiers and variable attenuators, OTDRs, live fiber detection meters, optical loss test sets and fiber connection inspection meters. (Also includes products formerly under the Yenista brand name)


High voltage and high power test systems - high voltage isolation transformers, DC power packs, dielectric break down systems, variable transformers, automatic voltage regulators, high voltage isolation transformers and other high voltage components.


High Performance Test and Measurement Hardware; Systematic Data Acquisition Equipment.


Industrial oxygen analyzers; ambient gas monitors offering a complete range of engineered solutions with capabilities that range from monitoring ultra-trace levels of oxygen in process streams at parts per billion to monitoring and reporting toxic, flammable, and asphyxiate gases in ambient environments.

NF Corporation

NF Corporation manufacturers products in four major categories - Electronic Measurement Instruments, Power Supply and Power Control Products, Function Modules and Customized Products.

Precision Time and Frequency, LLC

Time and frequency instrumentation, distribution amplifiers and redundancy switches.

Scientific Test

Curve tracers and semiconductor test instruments for high volume production, quality control and curve final test.

Spectral Dynamics

Systems and software for vibration testing, structural dynamics, and acoustic analysis.


SpikeSafe Source Measure Units (SMUs) - a pulsed source measure unit built for power and precision.


AC/DC Hipot testers, dielectric testers, electrical safety testers, precision high voltage meters, Hipot/high voltage switching systems and ground bond testers.

Xitron By Vitrek

Power analyzers, phase angle voltmeters and ballast test components.