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PAT Associates is the premier sales organization for manufacturers of test equipment and sensors in New England and the Southeastern United States.  

New England Components and Sensors

Acuity Laser Measurement

Advanced laser distance sensors and measurement systems for industrial use. Their capabilities include range measurement from meters to microns.

HITEC Sensor Developments

Manufacturer of strain gage based custom sensor solutions.

Honeywell (Aerospace)

Precision Digital Pressure Transducers; Explosion-Proof and Ruggedized Precision Pressure Transducers.

LORD MicroStrain

Inertial sensors, displacement sensors and wireless sensor networks for a variety of applications.

Luminar Technologies

Manufacturer of LIDAR products including the Hydra for test and development applications and the Iris for production applications.


Precision pressure measuring and controlling instruments and systems including digital gauges, digital barometers, digital transducers, pressure controllers, pressure calibrators, pressure standards and custom pressure systems. (Representing the Carolinas only in the Southeast)


Non-contact fiber optic displacement sensors that offer linear position measurements at distances from 0 to 50 mm.


Off-the-self embedded computers for commercial applications.

Sigma-Netic, Inc.

Pressure switches, metal bellows and rotary actuators for a variety of applications.

Stran Technologies

Fiber optic interconnect technologies. (Represented in Maine only)