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Tritek Solutions (formerly L&M Associates) is the premier sales organization for manufacturers of test equipment, sensors and systems in the States of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Components and Sensors


Toxic and combustible gas monitoring with stand alone sensors, controllers, customized solutions, calibration bottles, accessories and kits

DunAn Sensing

DunAn Sensing focuses on the design and development of the most advanced sensing devices utilizing MEMS and disruptive packaging technology. DunAn Sensing manufactures sensors, transducers, and transmitters for various applications including harsh environment applications.

Honeywell (Aerospace)

Precision Digital Pressure Transducers; Explosion-Proof and Ruggedized Precision Pressure Transducers.

LORD Sensing MicroStrain

Inertial sensors, displacement sensors and wireless sensor networks for a variety of applications.

LORD Sensing Stellar Technology

Pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, load cells, force sensors, torque transducers, displacement sensors, and temperature transducers.

Parameter Generation & Control (PGC)

Environmental chambers providing precise relative humidity and temperature control including walk-in rooms, reach-in chambers, and relative humidity generators to serve existing structures.


Off-the-self embedded computers for commercial applications.

Sigma-Netic, Inc.

Pressure switches, metal bellows and rotary actuators for a variety of applications.